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Journey of my Lost Smartphone

I will tell you a story. 
Last December 30, 2014, I lost my Xiaomi Mi3. I have three more things to tell you now: (1) I don't own that smartphone but a company phone from Creative Republiq, (2) I recently found out that there were photos synced to my Google Photos, and (3) I posted some of the photos on my Facebook account and now my story is featured in
Please allow me to post all the photos raw. I still don't know their identities yet but I hope that one day I will be meeting them so that I can ask them a few questions. I have no intention of getting back the phone but I would like to know how they got the phone.
Yes, it still uncertain how I lost my Xiaomi Mi3. 
I will just tell you how I got the phone.
After taking a job as a Social Media Manager in Creative Republiq, I was given a company phone to be able to fulfill my tasks online. I got the phone two days before Christmas: December 23, 2014. The phone was with me during the holiday season and I was able to ca…

"For Sale: Your Crush" this April 13, Iskolar

Get ready to buy your crush, Iskolar!
Date your crush or get an item from your favorite professor, UP Cebu! The Human and Item Auction, an annual activity organized by the UP Psychology Majors' Association to help various organizations, will be on April 13, 2015 at the AS Conference Hall from 5:30pm - 9pm. The proceeds of the auction will be used for the outreach activity in SOS Children's Village.

Please check the video below to find out who will be auctioned, Iskolar.

Now, are you ready to break your piggy bank? Upvote all your crushes, Iskolar.

(The video and photos in this post are owned by UP Psychology Majors' Association.)