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Who is your favorite Miss UP Cebu 2015 candidate?

Who will be the next Miss UP Cebu? Previous pageant winners have become Miss Cebu title holders in the past two years. Will this year's winner compete in the Miss Cebu pageant on the coming years and eventually reign supreme over her co-candidates? That's the exciting part of Miss UP Cebu 2015.

(DISCLAIMER: The following poll is unofficial and will not reflect in the People's Choice Award. It was created purely to gain publicity about this highly anticipated event in UP Cebu this April 2015. You may vote for the official People's Choice Award here. Support your candidate now, Iskolar.)

UP Cebu Intrams 2015 Cheerdance Competition

Each year in UP Cebu Intramurals, Cheerdance competition is one of the highlights of the entire event. This year's season is no excuse to that especially Socsci Stallions geared up and finished second place.

Below are the the videos of the different clusters' performance in the Cheerdance competition. If you've got additional videos not included in the list, do let me know so we can update the list.


Golden Scions - UP Cebu Intrams Cheerdance 2015
Check out the Golden Scions Cheerdance performance! #UPCebuIntrams #Champion
Posted by Zuprome on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

SOCSCI STALLIONS - 1st Runner-up

Yes. 2nd Place for Intrams 2015 Cheerdance Competition. Angel already uploaded the front view. mehehe. But the side view looks awesome as well! Viva Soc Sci! <3 We don't wait for change, we initiate for change to happen.
Posted by Sai Padul on Tuesday, March 24, 2015
SocSci Intrams Cheerdance 2015
Social Science Cluster hailed as second place durin…