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Journey of my Lost Smartphone

I will tell you a story. 
Last December 30, 2014, I lost my Xiaomi Mi3. I have three more things to tell you now: (1) I don't own that smartphone but a company phone from Creative Republiq, (2) I recently found out that there were photos synced to my Google Photos, and (3) I posted some of the photos on my Facebook account and now my story is featured in
Please allow me to post all the photos raw. I still don't know their identities yet but I hope that one day I will be meeting them so that I can ask them a few questions. I have no intention of getting back the phone but I would like to know how they got the phone.
Yes, it still uncertain how I lost my Xiaomi Mi3. 
I will just tell you how I got the phone.
After taking a job as a Social Media Manager in Creative Republiq, I was given a company phone to be able to fulfill my tasks online. I got the phone two days before Christmas: December 23, 2014. The phone was with me during the holiday season and I was able to ca…

Summer at Funtastic Island in Gibitngil

I’ve heard of Gibitngil from my UP Cebu freshmen friends since they had an NSTP community outreach on that island. It’s in Medellin where the people in the community don’t have their own tap water (only one, at the Mayor’s) and their electricity is solar panel-generated (which was Earth-friendly!). It was my first time to hear of the name of Funtastic Island; I didn’t even know that it was located in Gibitngil.

First off, the spelling of ‘Funtastic’ is incorrect. Well, I had that confusion at first when I tried to Google and spelled it as ‘fantastic,’ only then I realized it’s Funtastic (please don’t let me explain that they’re trying to link fun and fantastic, but there I said it already).

Starting my indefinite summer by travelling to Funtastic Island isn’t a bad idea. It’s actually a stroke of a genius on-the-spot traveler! My friends-of-a-friend are on a weekend vacation and I decided to join the fun. It will be a chance to travel to Medellin for the first time and go to that popu…

Taking the Civil Service Exam Journey

Taking the Civil Service Professional Examination journey will allow me to work in the government in any possible time in the future. It was quite a long but certainly memorable part in becoming a professional. Below is how I was able to attain my Certificate of Eligibility to work in the government.
Memorable Dates
August 22, 2012. I filed the Career Service Professional Examination form in its regional office—a walk from my boarding house—to have the test permit for the October 21 exam. The test permit cost me P 500.00.
October 21, 2012. After travelling Cebu City from Carcar City at dawn, I took the Career Service Professional Examination of the Civil Service Commission in the University of the Visayas (UV), Colon Street, Cebu City. In UV, my classmate Ivie also took the exam. My friend Merriefin, on the other hand, had her examination in the University of Cebu. She was with Miyuu, my other friend who took the Sub-Professional Examination instead.
December 6, 2012. After a long wait,…