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Why I Don't Want To Become the President of the Philippines

Unlike some people out there, it was never my dream to become the President of the Republic of the Philippines. From yesterday until this Friday, the COMELEC will be accepting hundreds of presidential aspirants from various corners of life. 
If I can be elected as a government official, I will not aspire to become of President of this country. These are the reasons on my decision not to seek for the highest position in the policy-making body.

1. The President has too many things to handle.
As a president, you have to make sure that all aspects of this country must be in good shape. The economic should be booming, the rest of the officials should be loyal to the people rather than themselves, and the poorest of the poor should not remain poor. All voices from different classes should be heard and everyone should be given equal treatment. 

2. The Filipinos consider the President as an enemy, most of the times.
If a president fails in even one aspect, he’s a failure. There will be peopl…

10 Tips in Planning Your First Solo Travel

I plan to explore a place in Cebu that I haven’t been into. It has been on my bucket list for sometime now but I haven’t fulfilled it yet. Here’s a challenge I give myself: I will be travelling to anywhere in Cebu before the year ends, whatever it takes. I’ll be blogging my experience, too.
My fellow CBC bloggers Monica of Afterglowbe and Melanie of Fueled by Caffeine inspired me to write this blog post today. While reading this 10 Questions To Answer Before Going on A Solo Trip, I am happy to announce that I accept the challenge to go on a trip as a solo backpacker. Since this will just be my first time, I’ll be going somewhere in Cebu. Not to mention I want to explore new places in Cebu, too.
For first time solo backpackers like me, here are some tips that we need to consider before embarking on this journey that we haven’t tried before:

1. Remember: It’s A Date with Yourself
Solo backpacking is definitely a date with no one else but yourself. Understand that you have to be indepen…

The problem with collective activism

While about to sleep on my bed one night, the dogs started to bark outside. Without a second, our dog, Sky, started to follow the rest of the dogs in our neighborhood. It took about some minutes before Sky went back to sleep. This behavior of dogs that they immediately bark upon hearing the rest of their pack outside is interesting since they don’t really know what they were barking for.
The behavior of the dogs can mirror the idea of collective activism. There are people who believe that activism is becoming a member of the majority and following the orders of the leaders of the group without full knowledge on the issues they raise. 
What I love about dogs like Sky is that they are highly trainable. With a good dog trainer around, they can easily learn tricks taught to them. They are very receptive to new knowledge and are very willing to fully grasp lessons as long as they are taught comprehensively.
Recently, I decided to disrupt the popular opinion that there was “2.2 billion bud…