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7 Tips To Travel with Good Vibes

Traveling requires more than going out and spending your time in a different environment. It requires planning, patience and a good state of mind. It is a great opportunity to explore new places, meet new friends, learn new things and rediscover yourself.
For me, a fulfilling trip is one that is spent with positive attitude and good vibes. You should know by now a few tips on traveling like planning ahead your itinerary, going beyond your comfort zones and appreciating the little things. Here let me share 5 tips on how to keep your good vibes while traveling:

1. Don't forget your earplugs.
This , my friend, is a traveler's best friend. At some point on your trip, you'll need to muffle the sounds of annoying passengers, noisy engines, crying babies, barking dogs and more. Make sure to keep your cool and turn that good music on. But be sensitive when to use it especially when traveling with someone or with your friends.

2. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself.
Traveling sho…

Best of Zuprome: Good Vibes Blog About UP Cebu

UP Cebu will always have a special place in my heart. During the four years of my college life, University of the Philippines Cebu has been my home.
Since I started blogging, I have always wanted to write something for the UP Cebu community. Unlike other universities with bigger population, UP Cebu only comprises about 1,500 students in one academic year.
Despite the small population, UP Cebu has proudly produced graduates who are best in their fields. During their stay in UP Cebu, they have created memories and to preserve these memories is one of the goals why I wanted write about UP Cebu.
Here are the blog posts I have written about UP Cebu and I hope that these will bring good vibes to your heart, Iskolar:

10 Lovely Photos of UP Cebu on Instagram
Have you fallen in love with UP Cebu yet? If not, this collection of photos might just do that.

Do’s and Don’ts in UP Cebu
While studying in UP Cebu, there are unwritten rules that the community can break or follow. Here are some of them!


How This Blog Became Zuprome

Since April 2014 when I started about Zuprome, countless things have improved for the past a year and a half. From a simple free Blogger blog to a blog with personal domain, I’m still figuring out whether to move to Wordpress for good.

Often mispronounced, Zuprome /zaprowm/ is a concatenation of colloquial word ‘wazzup’ and my first name. When I thought about this name, it’s a challenge to relay the correct pronunciation to other people, especially those who I have not personally met (yet). 
I recently bought another domain of which I have yet to finalize what it will be about. Originally slated to be a travel blog about places in Cebu, I might reconsider and make it into an Arts & Culture Events blog featuring all the recent happenings in Cebu arts and culture. Ping me if you want to be a part of this team and convince me to move forward.

Without having a community of Cebuano bloggers who consistently convinced me to become an a…

Best of Zuprome: October 1-7, 2015

The first week of October has been an interesting week for Zuprome. It's the first time (since forever #mayforever) that I've blogged daily. This is because I joined the 30 Day Blogging Challenge of Cebu Blogging Community.
If you missed out this interesting week, here are the posts you can still go back and read it now:

1. Official Music Video of Vispop Songs You Will Surely Love
 Have you listened to the official music videos of Vispop songs? If you haven't listened to these Vispop songs, check this out.

2. Sikat Places in Cebu Nga Dunay Forever
Abi nimog #walayforever pero diri sa Cebu, dunay forever. Asa ning mga lugara? Check this out.

3. Bisrock Fanatic? Watch 'Gugmang Giatay', A Bisrock Jukebox Musical
If you're a Bisrock fan, you shouldn't miss out this one-of-a-kind Cebuano music. To know the details of Gugmang Giatay, check this out.

4. #BalakPaMore: Cebuano Poetry in Random Corners of Cebu
Cebuano poems are all over Cebu City. Where to spot them…