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Official Music Video of Vispop Songs You Will Surely Love

We’ve heard 18 songs from Visayan Pop (Vispop) Music Festival from 3 seasons, and some of these Vispop songs have actually hit the top spot in several local radio station countdowns. Isn’t it great to know that Vispop has successfully filled the gap of some Manila-based music artists! 
The history of Vispop is that Jude Gitamondoc, the brainchild behind this music campaign, wanted to let everyone know that Original Pilipino Music (OPM) isn’t just about the Tagalog songs. The vision of Vispop is create hit songs in the local tongue, Cebuano or Binisaya in general. 
Fast-forward to three years after the first Vispop in 2013, we now have several songs that are played in various radio stations and media outlets, most especially in the social media.
Interestingly, social media played a major role in the success of Vispop. The new media format was able to reach a wider market in no time. Imagine, after an hour posting the official lyrics of Vispop songs online, thousands of people are alre…

10 Reasons Why You Should Attend Vispop Music Festival

BISAYAA UY! Catch the Vispop Music Festival this September 13 in UP Cebu. (photo from Vispop)

Are you planning to attend Vispop Music Festival this September 13, 2015? If yes, great. See you! If you’re still a bit hesitant, here are 10 awesome reasons why you should attend the first major Vispop concert event!

1. Most popular Vispop songs from 3 seasons will be played during the event.
If you’re a loyal Vispop fan since the first season, you should definitely attend this event! This is an avenue for you to listen to the Vispop songs in Spotify and SoundCloud live! Isn’t it great to listen to “Duyog”, “Labyu Langga”, “Balay ni Mayang”, “Bok Love”, and “Buwag Balik”? Of course, there are more Vispop songs that will be played for the Cebuano audience.
2. Missing Filemon will be there to serenade us.
Cebu’s premiere Bisrock band will be performing during the Vispop Music Festival. Insoy NiƱal, the band’s vocalist, is popular in social media since he’s behind Sinugbang Sugbo and he writes …