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The problem with collective activism

While about to sleep on my bed one night, the dogs started to bark outside. Without a second, our dog, Sky, started to follow the rest of the dogs in our neighborhood. It took about some minutes before Sky went back to sleep. This behavior of dogs that they immediately bark upon hearing the rest of their pack outside is interesting since they don’t really know what they were barking for.
The behavior of the dogs can mirror the idea of collective activism. There are people who believe that activism is becoming a member of the majority and following the orders of the leaders of the group without full knowledge on the issues they raise. 
What I love about dogs like Sky is that they are highly trainable. With a good dog trainer around, they can easily learn tricks taught to them. They are very receptive to new knowledge and are very willing to fully grasp lessons as long as they are taught comprehensively.
Recently, I decided to disrupt the popular opinion that there was “2.2 billion bud…

10 Reasons Why You Should Attend Vispop Music Festival

BISAYAA UY! Catch the Vispop Music Festival this September 13 in UP Cebu. (photo from Vispop)

Are you planning to attend Vispop Music Festival this September 13, 2015? If yes, great. See you! If you’re still a bit hesitant, here are 10 awesome reasons why you should attend the first major Vispop concert event!

1. Most popular Vispop songs from 3 seasons will be played during the event.
If you’re a loyal Vispop fan since the first season, you should definitely attend this event! This is an avenue for you to listen to the Vispop songs in Spotify and SoundCloud live! Isn’t it great to listen to “Duyog”, “Labyu Langga”, “Balay ni Mayang”, “Bok Love”, and “Buwag Balik”? Of course, there are more Vispop songs that will be played for the Cebuano audience.
2. Missing Filemon will be there to serenade us.
Cebu’s premiere Bisrock band will be performing during the Vispop Music Festival. Insoy NiƱal, the band’s vocalist, is popular in social media since he’s behind Sinugbang Sugbo and he writes …

Where to Watch Unlimited Movies and TV Series?

I've been asking this question since I got hooked into watching Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory. 
I have found a place with over 30,000 hours of awesome movies and TV series, including Modern Family and The Big Bang Theory. They have international blockbusters, timeless classics, and local favorites! The good thing is you can download it or stream it for an incredibly low, low price.
Did I mention they also have Filipino movies and TV soap operas? That's actually unlimited entertainment on any smart device: either Android, iOS, mobile, tablet or computer!
Go watch these movies legally for only P149 per month! That's nonstop comedy, endless drama and infinite adventures! 

DISCLOSURE: Thanks to HOOQ and Globe for giving me one-month access to its subscription service. All the best from Cebu Blogging Community!