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Ang Modernong Mga Abat sa Katilingban Karon

Sa dihang bata pa ko, may mga gabii nga ang akong Lola Pansang, ilabi na kon taliabot ang Semana Santa o Adlaw sa mga Minatay, maghisgot og mga matang sa abat nga migilok gyod sa akong batang panghunahuna. Nanglimbawot akong balhibo sa iyang mga sugilanon nga hangtod karon naglibog gihapon ko kon tinuod ba kaha nga nahitabo niya o minugna lamang kay iyang nadunggan gikan sa iyang mga apohan o silingan niadtong bata pa siya. Sa probinsya man god, daghang mga sugilanon nga binuhat-buhat aron mangahadlok ang mga bata ug dili maglaag-laag kon moabot na ang kagabhion. 

Why ‘Change of Thrones’ this UP Cookout 2015?

Are you ready for UP Cebu’s biggest student-organized event, Iskolar?
On November 13, 2015, expect to see the crowd cheering, clapping, and smiling while witnessing one of the biggest nights in UP Cebu. From 6 PM until 6 AM the next day, the majority of the UP Cebu population won’t be sleeping.
It's the 'UP Cookout 2015: Change of Thrones!' UP Cebu Student Council and UNO Productions, the graduating class of BA Mass Communication, will give everyone a night of music, dance, art to remember!
What’s the good news? This event is OPEN TO EVERYONE!


This year’s UP Cookout will have the timely theme of ‘Change of Thrones’ inspired by the hit TV series ‘Game of Thrones.’ What’s the catch? ‘UP Cookout 2015: Change of Thrones’ will tackle election-related issues.
May 2016 is a few months to go. This year’s UP Cebu social awareness campaign deals with the upcoming national election and aims to educate the public about the current political trends.
As part of the so…

Bisrock Fanatic? Watch ‘Gugmang Giatay’, A Bisrock Jukebox Musical

In early 200’s, Bisrock was a big thing. When it lost its popularity, there was Vispop. The third season just recently ended. After Vispop Musical Festival last month, what’s next? 
The Cebuano music scene will once be alive this October 2015 since the musical “Gugmang Giatay” will be officially staged after a series of excerpts played during Vispop 2.0 Finals Night last year and Vispop Music Festival in UP Cebu last month.

Andam na ka? ;) For tickets, contact Adelfa at 09331880999 (Sun). Showdates on October 23 (8pm) and October 24 (2pm and...
Posted by Gugmang Giatay on Thursday, October 1, 2015
If you’re a Bisrock fan, relive the glorious days of Cebuano music industry. Listen to the popular songs like ‘Tsaeh’, ‘Ang Tigulang’, ‘Inday’, titular ‘Gugmang Giatay’ and other songs you missed from the previous decade.
If there’s something I’m excited about, it’s whether there will be Vispop songs that will be played in this musical.
When asked on why we should watch this musical, …

Cebu Blogging Community is Officially One Year Old!

Since Cebu Blogging Community is already a year old, the Community Leads planned to have a humble celebration over dinner. When they started planning, sponsors from different private establishments poured in and the humble first anniversary dinner turned out into one of the biggest event of the community yet. 
Last July 4, 2015, Cebu Blogging Community gathered as one and it was a night of fun, prizes, and surprises. The Community Leads Chanel, Mary, Jeff, Gay and Jhanis was able to invite and convince our sponsors to spend for our dinner, venue and countless surprises. 
On that night, everyone was in black and wore endless curves in their lips. 
Yamba, our main sponsor, was generous enough to spend for the party's venue and the food we ate. They approached CBC and offered to sponsor our event when they heard were going to have our first anniversary event. Yamba, a social media platform that aims to connect the world through hashtags, is a startup company that asked the community …

UP Cebu Intrams 2015 Cheerdance Competition

Each year in UP Cebu Intramurals, Cheerdance competition is one of the highlights of the entire event. This year's season is no excuse to that especially Socsci Stallions geared up and finished second place.

Below are the the videos of the different clusters' performance in the Cheerdance competition. If you've got additional videos not included in the list, do let me know so we can update the list.


Golden Scions - UP Cebu Intrams Cheerdance 2015
Check out the Golden Scions Cheerdance performance! #UPCebuIntrams #Champion
Posted by Zuprome on Tuesday, March 24, 2015

SOCSCI STALLIONS - 1st Runner-up

Yes. 2nd Place for Intrams 2015 Cheerdance Competition. Angel already uploaded the front view. mehehe. But the side view looks awesome as well! Viva Soc Sci! <3 We don't wait for change, we initiate for change to happen.
Posted by Sai Padul on Tuesday, March 24, 2015
SocSci Intrams Cheerdance 2015
Social Science Cluster hailed as second place durin…

9 Things You Should Know About UP Cookout 2014

Is everyone excited to attend the most anticipated annual event in UP Cebu
UP Cookout 2014 will be held in the University of the Philippines Cebu on October 24, 2014 from 6pm to 6am the next day. It’s a 12-hour non-stop party plus something every UP student is known for—social relevance. 
I’m hearing clamor from the Freshies and the rest of the community who have not yet attended the event to get a list of the things you should know to fully enjoy UP Cookut 2014. From my point-of-view, here are some of the tips that everyone should be aware of:

1. UP Cookout 2014 is free for all UP Cebu students.
You just have to be enrolled this current semester and you’ll be fine. No money to get an entrance pass to this awesome event of the year.

2. Tickets are sold at P100 only.
Tickets are sold on the event night. You can also buy tickets before the big night. Tickets sold before the day will only be P80. For more information, contact the UP Cookout 2014 Facebook page.

3. See the stars above! It wi…