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9 Things You Should Know About UP Cookout 2014

Is everyone excited to attend the most anticipated annual event in UP Cebu
UP Cookout 2014 will be held in the University of the Philippines Cebu on October 24, 2014 from 6pm to 6am the next day. It’s a 12-hour non-stop party plus something every UP student is known for—social relevance. 
I’m hearing clamor from the Freshies and the rest of the community who have not yet attended the event to get a list of the things you should know to fully enjoy UP Cookut 2014. From my point-of-view, here are some of the tips that everyone should be aware of:

1. UP Cookout 2014 is free for all UP Cebu students.
You just have to be enrolled this current semester and you’ll be fine. No money to get an entrance pass to this awesome event of the year.

2. Tickets are sold at P100 only.
Tickets are sold on the event night. You can also buy tickets before the big night. Tickets sold before the day will only be P80. For more information, contact the UP Cookout 2014 Facebook page.

3. See the stars above! It wi…

UP Cebu Campus Tour in Less Than 2 Minutes

Have you checked out the different (new) places (and tambayans) in UP Cebu

If you're a freshie or maybe alumni who already missed the university, it's the perfect time to check out the campus in less than 2 minutes!

The video above is the video teaser of the newest project of TINTA dubbed as "Oble Square" and if you have more questions about this, check out the Facebook and Twitter of Oble Square. Or visit the UP Cebu Tambayan sa Iskolar. It was shot using an iPhone 5s and monopod. The Instagram Hyperlapse application was able to make the 10-minute uncut walk around the UP Cebu campus in less than 2 minutes. Isn't that amazing?
Please let us know your feedback regarding the video in the comment section below.

10 Tips All UP Cebu Freshies Should Read

After four long months of summer, University of the Philippines Cebu will officially start the academic year 2014-2015 2015-2016 this mid-August after the academic shift took effect and improvements have been done to the UP Cebu campus
After writing the dos and don’ts in UP Cebu for freshies, I’ve decided to create this blog post containing tips that every Freshie Iskolar entering UP Cebu should be mindful about
Iskolar, here are the 10 tips every UP Cebu Freshie should read:
1 - Form 5. Invoice. Bring it on your first few weeks each new semester.
Your Form 5 Invoice will be your ticket to your classes. This serves as your proof that you are enrolled in that semester. Some teachers prefer to sign your Form 5 Invoice. If you decide to join an organization, it may require you to submit a photocopy of your Form 5 Invoice and ID picture for org recognition purposes. Scholarships will also require you to submit a photocopy of your Form 5 Invoice. 
2 - Student Number. Always remember tha…

Dos and Don’ts in UP Cebu

Everyone knows that studying in the University of the Philippines Cebu isn’t similar to high school. Since almost every freshie iskolar is trying to find tips before college life officially begins this August, I decided to share some of the lessons I learned in my four-year stay in this university. (Suggested Reading: What's new in UP Cebu?)
1. Don’t wear your ID. Unless you want to be known as a freshie.
Bring your ID but don’t wear it. Yes, the new NO ID, NO ENTRY policy has already been implemented but students aren't required to wear it; presenting it to the guard upon entry is already enough. Some of the reasons why this has become a norm are the following: ID slings are too expensive, katol ang ID sa liog, and the majority reason is they don't want to be misidentified as a freshie.
2. Do spend your vacant time in one of the tambayans. Relax lang.
College isn't high school nga sunod-sunod ang klase from 7:30 in the morning to 5:30. You'll have a lot o…

What’s New, UP Cebu?

For UP students, summer of 2014 is unlike the previous years. Students miss their alma mater more because they’ll be spending extra two months in their homes. As most students leave the university early April, they’ll be back sometime August since academic shift for the entire UP System from June to August was already approved and implemented this academic year 2014-2015. Despite the opposition of some students, the new academic calendar will be taking effect in all campuses of UP including the University of the Philippines Cebu
For UP Cebu, since I graduated last year, a lot of changes has been taking effect. The administration of Dean Corro has continuously done great things to improve the facilities of this university.

When the visited the campus last week, I roamed around and noticed these notable changes:

The renovation of the UP Cebu Library building is now ongoing. To add the good news, there will be additional four new tambayansin front of the CSO. Early last year, three ta…

Travel Writing Lecture with Shivaji Das in UP Cebu

Are you a Cebu-based travel writer? Are you a travel writer whose currently in Cebu? Do you want to learn more about travel writing? Are you planning to document one of our future travels? Do you want to learn techniques on how to be a better travel writer?
If you have a YES answer to any of these questions,  we are pleased to invite you to the "UP CebuCreative Writing Program Lecture Series.”
This is a three-hour lecture from a renowned Asian travel writer Shivaji Das. He has given several talks on travel writing in Singapore, China, Indonesia and Brazil. This Singapore-based author of "Journey With the Caterpillar" (a humorous travelogue in Indonesia) will be having a lecture on Travel Writing on June 28, 2014, Saturday from 1:00-4:00 PM in UP Cebu AVR-2. Admission is free.
The novelist and PEN Awardee Gina Apostol and New-York based playwright Linda Faigao have previously conducted lectures hosted by the UP Cebu Creative Writing Program.

See you there, Creative Isko…

How To Transfer Your UP Sablay

Wondering how to transfer the official academic costume of University of the Philippines? Check out the animation below on how to transfer the UP Sablay:

Here is also a video brought to you by the Engineering Student Council of UP Diliman:

UP Cebu Candidates for Graduation Batch 2014

The Candidates for Graduation of the University of the Philippines Cebu (UP Cebu) as of the end of the Second Semester/Trimester & Third Trimester, AY 2013-2014 as endorsed by the College Council on April 21,2014 are the following:

Congratulations, mga Iskolar ng Bayan! You are encouraged to bring your UP Sablay during rehearsals on these dates and here is also an animation on how to transfer your UP Sablay from left to right.
Graduation will be on April 30, 2014. At this year's commencement rites, the valedictory speech will be delivered by Annie Fe G. Perez, BA Mass Communication, Class of 2014, magna cum laude, valedictorian. On the other hand, Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago is also this year's commencement speaker.
As of the latest update, the UP Cebu Graduation will be held at the UP High Grounds.

UP Cebu Instructions for Graduating Students

Below is the image of the copy of Instruction for the graduating students of the University of the Philippines Cebu this SY 2013-2014. It contains the date of the rehearsals for the commencement rites and dress code for the Baccalaureate Service and Commercement Exercises. 
(Trivia: Sablay is the official attire of the University of the Philippines.)
Other universities or colleges that try to imitate UP's tradition call it on the different name.