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Why I Don't Want To Become the President of the Philippines

Unlike some people out there, it was never my dream to become the President of the Republic of the Philippines. From yesterday until this Friday, the COMELEC will be accepting hundreds of presidential aspirants from various corners of life. 
If I can be elected as a government official, I will not aspire to become of President of this country. These are the reasons on my decision not to seek for the highest position in the policy-making body.

1. The President has too many things to handle.
As a president, you have to make sure that all aspects of this country must be in good shape. The economic should be booming, the rest of the officials should be loyal to the people rather than themselves, and the poorest of the poor should not remain poor. All voices from different classes should be heard and everyone should be given equal treatment. 

2. The Filipinos consider the President as an enemy, most of the times.
If a president fails in even one aspect, he’s a failure. There will be peopl…

The President You Should Vote in the 2016 Philippine Election

Are you ready for the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines?
May 2016 is a few months away. As it draws nearer, more and more people will be frustrated by our politicians trying to become celebrities and celebrities trying to become politicians. 
UP Cebu will help you in selecting the next president. Educating everyone about the platforms and past performances of our politicians is key to a better Philippines. While it is next to impossible that the population will elect only those people who are sincere to serve and not because these politicians have invested sums of money into the pockets of the voters, let us not lose hope that one day this country will rise from poverty and illiteracy through education.

In UP Cebu, the annual celebration of UP Cookout takes place this November 2015. It’s theme for this year: CHANGE OF THRONES. The story behind it? 2016 Philippine Election. 
On one of its social media activities, UP Cebu community was asked on the characteristics of th…