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Thank You 2015, Hello 2016

Time flies faster than expected. The crazy and lazy days are over. To start a brighter life this 2016, I have decided to go back to the drawing board and fix the things that didn't work last year. 
ZUProme has colored my 2015 with various strokes of life. With the help and encouragement from my peers from Cebu Blogging Community, I was able to achieve greater things that I didn't realize that I would be able to do them.
Who would have thought that blogging will bring me closer to my dreams?
This blog brought me to Siquijor with my fellow Cebuano bloggers, thanks to PIA-7 and Cebu Blogging Community for trusting us. This blog has also driven awareness to several Cebu-based causes and activities that I believed in. This blog has also brought me to various lifetime adventures and created almost countless memories with new friends.

As part of a brighter future this 2016, I have finally decided to improve this almost always confusing blog name. Geared …

The Curious Case of Sirao Flower Farm in Cebu

I first heard of Sirao Flower Farm in Sirao Peak, Cebu City when I was riding a taxi. Little did I know that Sirao Flower Farm (aka Mini Amsterdam in Cebu) is a trending topic in social media. 
For sure, everyone who have heard about the beautiful celosia flowers in Sirao Peak will surely search on how to go there and take a selfie. For only P20.00, you will be able to take a picture that you can post in your Instagram and share it on Facebook. For P100.00, you can take a video and upload it online. Add popular hashtag like #SiraoFlowerFarm, #SiraoPeak, #MiniAmsterdam, and #MiniAmsterdaminCebu to increase visibility and engagement.

On the other hand, here’s the sad reality: the celosias aren’t treated properly. People are not just simply taking pictures but ruining the beautiful celosias in Sirao Flower Farm. With hundreds of Cebuanos flocking to Sirao every day, I cannot help but feel sad about the status of the celosias and how they are treated by the visitors. 

How To Deal with a Paasa Partner

One of biggest problems that this world cannot solve is the behavior of every human being. No matter how good we are, we still cannot tell others to be good to the rest of this population. There will always be people whose pastime is making others feel good, but their actions aren’t genuine.
These paasa people are the reason why we have to guard ourselves not be used by these kinds of toxic. If we don’t, kita ra sad ang luoy. It’s still up to us whether we allow them to use us or we get rid of them from our lives.
How to Spot A Paasa Partner
If you want to know more about these kinds of toxic people, here are the signs that you are with a paasa partner:
1. He/She doesn’t care about you, but just how you treat him/her.
These paasa people might just look at you physically, but they don’t care about how you feel. They will pretend to like you and make you feel good, as long as they get the right treatment they wanted. 

2. He/She calls you only when he/she needs you.
Paasa people will cal…

Why I Don't Want To Become the President of the Philippines

Unlike some people out there, it was never my dream to become the President of the Republic of the Philippines. From yesterday until this Friday, the COMELEC will be accepting hundreds of presidential aspirants from various corners of life. 
If I can be elected as a government official, I will not aspire to become of President of this country. These are the reasons on my decision not to seek for the highest position in the policy-making body.

1. The President has too many things to handle.
As a president, you have to make sure that all aspects of this country must be in good shape. The economic should be booming, the rest of the officials should be loyal to the people rather than themselves, and the poorest of the poor should not remain poor. All voices from different classes should be heard and everyone should be given equal treatment. 

2. The Filipinos consider the President as an enemy, most of the times.
If a president fails in even one aspect, he’s a failure. There will be peopl…

The President You Should Vote in the 2016 Philippine Election

Are you ready for the 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines?
May 2016 is a few months away. As it draws nearer, more and more people will be frustrated by our politicians trying to become celebrities and celebrities trying to become politicians. 
UP Cebu will help you in selecting the next president. Educating everyone about the platforms and past performances of our politicians is key to a better Philippines. While it is next to impossible that the population will elect only those people who are sincere to serve and not because these politicians have invested sums of money into the pockets of the voters, let us not lose hope that one day this country will rise from poverty and illiteracy through education.

In UP Cebu, the annual celebration of UP Cookout takes place this November 2015. It’s theme for this year: CHANGE OF THRONES. The story behind it? 2016 Philippine Election. 
On one of its social media activities, UP Cebu community was asked on the characteristics of th…

The problem with collective activism

While about to sleep on my bed one night, the dogs started to bark outside. Without a second, our dog, Sky, started to follow the rest of the dogs in our neighborhood. It took about some minutes before Sky went back to sleep. This behavior of dogs that they immediately bark upon hearing the rest of their pack outside is interesting since they don’t really know what they were barking for.
The behavior of the dogs can mirror the idea of collective activism. There are people who believe that activism is becoming a member of the majority and following the orders of the leaders of the group without full knowledge on the issues they raise. 
What I love about dogs like Sky is that they are highly trainable. With a good dog trainer around, they can easily learn tricks taught to them. They are very receptive to new knowledge and are very willing to fully grasp lessons as long as they are taught comprehensively.
Recently, I decided to disrupt the popular opinion that there was “2.2 billion bud…

Ang Pag-Binisaya Karong Panahona

Sa pila ka semana nakong wala pagsuwat og bag-ong entry ning akong blog, nakahunahuna ko nga mobalik sa akong namat-ang pinulongan. Unsa kaha kon magsuwat kog blog nga Binisaya ug dili na lang ipadayon ning akong nagkayuring nga Iningles?

Dili sayon ang paghimo og blog nga Binisaya. Basin nagyawyaw lang ko diri nga wala diay nagbasa. Pero nganong himoon man nakong problema ang akong magbabasa? Moabot ra man na sila kon gusto silang mobasa akong gipangsuwat.

Taudtaod na sad kong wala makasuwat ug makabasa sa Bisaya Magasin maong naughan na ang akong bokabularyo niining ako untang namat-an nga pinulongan. Wala na usab nako napadayon ang Balakista maong wala na gyod ko makabasa og mga bag-ong Binisaya nga sinuwat matag karon ug unya.

Naa ko karon sa panahon diin nasaag na kunohay ko sa dalan sa pag-Iningles.
Apan kiwaw ang akong pag-Iningles. Usa kini ka pinulongan nga langyaw sa akong diwa. Bisan matag karon ug unya makadungog kog Iningles, daw may mga panahon nga mosapid ang akong dila…

How to Customize Your Own Blogger Theme Like a Pro

Your blog reflects your personality. Finding a theme that will perfectly suit what you need and what you want on your blog is somewhat complicated and can sometimes be expensive.

If you're like me who wishes to spend the least amount of money, I wanted to find a free theme on the web that I can just use without extensive coding and give credits to the owner at the bottom of the page. If you haven't tried googling "free blogger theme" then it's the perfect time to start doing it.

It's already 2015 and Google recently added the mobile-friendliness as a factor in SEO. With this movement, our blogs should have a mobile counterpart. If you're asking me what will be the best step to preserve the image of your blog, a RESPONSIVE layout is now encouraged, especially that we're dealing with Blogger.

You can now try googling "free responsive blogger theme" and the search results will lead you to quality websites offering free and responsive themes. I…