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Where I Tambay to Find Pokemon Sightings in Cebu

There's no Pikachu on my sightings. Why? 

I travel across the world, searching far and wide...

My childhood was filled with Pokemon memories. I followed the anime years back but did you know that it is still ongoing? When I was ten, they were ten. Now that more than a decade has passed, they're still ten? Why aren't they growing up yet?

Sadly I didn't have the luxury of a gameboy or any of the previous Pokemon games. I just recently brought my smartphone that I have one now, will I waste time not to play this game?

I actually hesitated to play on the first day of release in the Philippines last August 6 (Saturday) since everyone was playing but the next day when I was convinced by my friends to walk around to catch Pokemon, I ended the day with Level 10. After 5 days, I'm at Level 20 with 77 unique Pokemons.

As of this writing, I don't have a Pikachu yet. I knew the trick to get him as my starter Pokemon but I accidentally clicked on a Ratata so I ended up having no Pikachu caught or hatched for a week now.

So there goes my Pokemon life story. You might be asking, where do I find Pokemon sightings?


Leveling up from 19 to 20 brought me to various places in Cebu City, Lapulapu and Mandaue.

True, it's not that difficult to do it but exploring the Metro Cebu vicinity isn't really a bad idea. To explore one's place is to basically check out rare type of Pokemons in certain places. Did you know that during our road trip, my friends were able to find a Pikachu but I accidentally took a nap on this part of the journey? I was also awake when we passed the spot and I could no longer find the Pikachu spot on my Pokemon Go.

From my experience, Ayala Center Cebu, Fuente Osmena Circle and SM City Cebu are the 3 locations I can easily go to and tambay for me to level up easily.

To read the tips of all the major Pokemon Hub in Cebu we found out, here are the Top Pokemon Trainers' Hotspots in Cebu. A lot of lure on these locations!


Last week, I was invited by Robinsons Galleria Cebu to check out their new Pokemon Trainers' opportunity. Just by catching Pokemons in the Robinsons Galleria Cebu, you can win one of the 100 gift certificates worth P500.00! Isn't that amazing?

(Question: Are there any PokeStops in Robinsons Galleria Cebu? Not yet. But Pokemons spawn somewhere in the mall and if you can find that spot, some rare Pokemon will appear.)

I wish they also made some promos when catching Pokemons at Robinsons Place and Robinsons Cybergate since there are PokeStops here and I've been spending more time in Fuente Osmena to Pokemon and Chill.

This is also the day I became the model of Robinsons Galleria Cebu:

While I have a Pikachu hat, I don't have a Pikachu yet. This is just sad. :(

Check out the full mechanics of how you can easily get awesome Robinsons gift certificates just by catching Pokemon at any Robinsons malls here:

One more thing, if you're team Mystic, you're awesome!


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