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Let's Have Some Fun(d), Cebu!

Did you know that June is actually the Financial Independence Month? Before attending the #SunLifeFUNday event last June 24, Sunday, I had no idea. I just participated in the event mainly to have fun with Cebu's local bands! 

Seeing some of the best Cebuano local artists on-stage motivated me to join the event. It was awesome to see Bethany, Jackie Chang, and Mandaue Nights sharing their own music to the Ayala Center Cebu crowd. "First Kiss" was undoubtedly my most favorite among the performances.

But it was just the usual concert you see in the mall. It was informative, too! 

The event had three discussions targeted at millennials like me. The first topic was discussed by Kaz Onozawa entitled "Money after Graduation," and I generally would have wanted the talk to be about struggling college graduates who are about to get their first job. Millennials, especially those who have recently graduated, will undoubtedly have a hard time figuring out how to budget their finances. 

The key takeaway I got from this discussion is that we need to allocate our financial resources wisely. It's okay to enjoy, to do what you want, but make sure to save a portion of your salary at the end of the day. It doesn't have to be that big, but it takes a habit of saving to actually enjoy the fruits of our labor later on. 

When I graduated from college, I didn't know how to invest. I kept on spending my salary of whatever I can buy without thinking long-term. Actually, I did, but it was difficult for me to start acting on it. That is what I think the most fundamental problem fresh graduates have nowadays. It's good to be surrounded by people (and friends) who are financially-knowledgeable since we tend to copy some of their strategies that work. 

The second topic entitled "Girls Just Wanna Have Funds" by Katherine Dawn Sy is interestingly my favorite. It was informative, and even guys can relate to the talk! More than just empowering women, her discussion was focused on making people aware of their finances and making an action-list of what-to-do to be financially-knowledgeable.

Getting a mentor what I learned from her. Finding the right people who would love to help you level up is essential, and these people are just out there. We usually see them in the most unexpected moments in our lives, and they can help us when we ask for help.

The last topic was "Money Under 30" by Karlo Lim, which was mainly about kickstarting some financial ideas and making money work for you. I'm still 26 today, but I feel that I haven't actually started saving enough money for my future. It's a daily struggle, but I guess I'm thankful to have already started getting insurance and working on my investments as we speak.

Enough is enough. We should start having funds to have some fun later in life, Cebu!

Thank you for hosting this event in Cebu, Sun Life Philippines. Until next time...


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